Arvolecia was an ancient quick healing Goddess, known for harnessing the Earth’s naturals to heal the people. We pay tribute to Arvolecia, the healing Goddesses and we balance both the old and modern ways of herbal healing.

We use only the finest, organic and wild crafted ingredients in all our products. We use ancient family methods of herbal infusing blended with modern technology, never using any chemicals or solvents in any of our extracts. We use full spectrum hemp oil and high grade hemp, understanding the entourage effect and how the plants work in unison. Using high quality organic ingredients, combined in synergy, always hand made in small batches and lab tested for certification.

Arvolecia honors Mother Nature by providing clean, safe, organic herbal healing products to all our people around the globe and creating the most effective forms of organic hemp/herbal healing products available.

Arvolecia offers a line of organic, artisanal products all formed from our base of 30 essentials, herbs, flowers, trees and plants, that make up Our “Mother Nature’s Remedy Oil”, this is where all are products are formulated from.

Arvolecia is working on our “Unity Oil and Salve”, formulated with the most powerful, medicinal herbs and essentials from across our beautiful lands, every corner, hand crafted in harmony- offering unmatched organic healing, UNITY and love. We are just the Messengers of Mother Nature, her Goddesses of Healing. Our mission is simple…


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